The market is saturated with products containing crops farmed from Forced Feminized seeds. Forced Feminized seeds genetically modify the plants produced from that seed, which is what you are putting into your body! These genetic modifications and mutations are not done to improve the medicinal properties nor oil output of the plant. The mutations are and always have been done for two reasons: Allows “lazier” hemp farmers to grow hemp while not needing to employ good farm management skills, and to force the “lazier” farmers to repurchase the same genetically mutated seeds for every new crop.

Nass Valley Gardens does not participate in the production or sales of feminized and genetically modified seed. We believe that the hemp plant in its purest and natural form is the way nature intended it to grow and will create the most beneficial healing qualities the plant has to offer.  We believe our natural heirloom seeds and farming techniques will maximize the yield of the whole plant and provide the grower with the full confidence that his or her hemp product will satisfy any level of buyer. This is why our products at Nass Valley Gardens are sourced from natural seed only and do not genetically modify at any stage of our process. 

Natural & Healthy

We believe that combining every-day products with
the dynamic capabilities of HEMP will provide robust
therapeutic solutions for each of our customers…

Giving Non-GMO Hemp the Stage it Deserves

Nass Valley Products is your most trusted source of
high-quality, affordable, and high-efficacy HEMP-infused
products. Our line up has been infused with the
highest quality organically grown HEMP isolate, and is
legal in all 50 states.

Always Innovating

Nass Valley Gardens has its own dedicated lab filled
with personal care experts. Our scientists have over
20 years of experience in creating products that
work. Our dedication to research and development
is shown through our promise to source ethically,
formulate with efficacy, and testing honestly. We
embrace the future and are excited to see what it
holds for the Nass Valley Gardens product line.

What Makes Us Different

The Nass Valley Gardens R&D team has custom
formulated each product with performance in mind.
We aren’t here to use HEMP as a gimmick, that’s why
we’ve infused all of our products with tried and true
ingredients that couple with HEMP in the best ways
possible. Nass Valley Gardens is also dedicated to
putting HEMP in every home. That’s why we’re
competitively priced and scientifically crafted to earn
your trust without busting the bank